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Another OnePlus 5 Smiles For The Camera

We’ve seen quite a number of rumors falling into the bin regarding the OnePlus 5. Since the rumors started falling in, this is the second picture that suggests that the OnePlus 5 may have a design refresh.

Previously touted to be a Zenfone 3 Zoom clone, the latest picture isn’t far off from what we’ve seen so far. While we aren’t really sure about what the OnePlus 5 may look like, the OnePlus 5 really seems to be crawling up many wallets if it looks this great.

Another OnePlus 5 Smiles For The Camera 4

In the latest picture showcased today, we could see the OnePlus 5 covered in matte back finish along with dual camera sensors for the rear. There’s no telling what these sensors would act as or if they would even work in tandum. If OnePlus manages to pickup onto the high screen-body aspect ratio game, it could bring some competition to areas where Xiaomi is currently being praised for.

For specifications, we could expect a Snapdragon 835, around 6GB of RAM, coupled with 64GBs of storage, but that’s just our opinion based on what we’ve seen so far from OnePlus. But hey, the salty rumors have to be put to rest once OnePlus officially reveals it. There’s a ton of hype for the OnePlus 5, let’s hope it does stay like that!

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