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Destiny 2 Unable To Reach 60FPS On PlayStation 4 Pro, Devs Explains Why

Among the core features that the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One Scorpio came with are the heavily upgraded hardware. Both Microsoft and Sony have their consoles in store with up to 6TFLOPs of compute power packed into Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.

While Destiny 2 hasn’t been released yet, a few media outlets had their chance to take a look at Destiny 2 in action. As noted, it was reported that Destiny 2 is unable to run at 60FPS on the PlayStation 4 Pro despite all the upgrades. In an interview with IGN, the developers spoke about why Destiny 2 doesn’t run at 60FPS on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Speaking to IGN, Bungie’s Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy explained:

“The PS4 Pro is super powerful, but it couldn’t run our game at 60 (fps). Our game’s has rich physics simulation where collision of players, networking, etc, and like, it wouldn’t run.”

“But there is tons of GPU power in the PS4 Pro. That’s why we’re doing 4K, right? It’s on the CPU side. Destiny’s simulation, like we have more AI, more monsters in an environment with physically simulated vehicles and characters and projectiles, and it’s part of the Destiny magic. Like 30 seconds of fun, like coming around a corner and throwing a grenade, popping a guy in the head, and then you add like 5, 6, 7 hundred other players in a public event. That is incredibly intensive for hardware.”

While the PlayStation 4 Pro does come with upgraded hardware, the CPU hasn’t got as much of a buff compared to the GPU of the console. Rather than rendering objects, AI, drawcalls and other commands have to go through the CPU, and so far, the PlayStation 4 Pro’s CPU just can’t cut it. But hey, at least 4K is on its way!

Regarding PC gamers who would be taking on Destiny 2 on their gaming PCs, as usual, you guys would enjoy the game if you have the hardware to run the game.

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