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How Well Does The Nintendo Switch Run Minecraft Compared To Other Consoles?

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Nintendo’s Switch console has brought some amazing success to Nintendo. The all-time classic, Minecraft has finally made its way onto Nintendo’s Switch console.

After the game being launched on almost every platform, the Switch version has finally unofficially landed thanks to 4J Studios. After joining the plethora of platforms that Minecraft is available on, we could finally have a better look at where Nintendo’s Switch stacks up thanks to Digital Foundry.

Nintendo’s console, while not the highest end, did run the game pretty well. According to Digital Foundry, the developers had 60FPS in mind to release the game on the Switch. While the Switch is definitely capable of running the game, its great to see gamers run Minecraft on the Switch.

All of the graphics options are present here, but a few options have been locked out to achieve the full 60FPS experience. No matter how you play the game, docked or portable, the Nintendo Switch runs the game at a decent 720p with an upcoming update that may allow the Switch to run Minecraft at 1080p while docked.

Comparing it to the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 4 looks better due to the higher resolution. There’s also an improvement in drawing distances as well. Features such as lighting, textures and ambient occlusion is also present. On the Switch, there is some issues with communications too, from inviting friends to chatting with others, it’s something that needs to be worked on.

The locked down options become even more apparent when the game is ran while docked as you could notice with drawing distances. This could be noticed while the game is in portable and is being compared side by side, but nonetheless seems like a great job done by the developers.



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