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Samsung Prepares Galaxy C10 According To Leaks

With Samsung dominating the flagship space of smartphones, especially with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung could be seen diversifying their lineup of smartphones. With their first attempt at the Galaxy C9, C10 might be around the corner.

Courtesy of OnLeaks, Samsung’s Galaxy C10 was among OnLeaks latest leaks. The leak delivers quite the amount of hype for the current Galaxy C9 user. Packing dual cameras and a sleek body, Samsung could be upgrading its game. Last year’s C9 Pro packed 6GB of RAM along with a great set of cameras.

If so, the Galaxy C10 could be an attractive option for non-techies that couldn’t afford the Samsung Galaxy S8. Another thing to note is that we would really doubt the fact that Samsung could be coming up with the C10 so soon. It has been 8 months since the C9 Pro launched back in October 2016. If they are releasing it so soon, it could be Samsung simply coming up with a worthy upgrade to fill in the gaps that the competition wants to fill in.

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