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Asus: We’re Ready To Cater Xbox One X Gamers, No 8K For Now

Asus had always been a strong competitor in the display market. From high refresh rate monitors to color accurate displays. Asus has always had a gap filled in.Asus had always been a strong competitor in the display market. From high refresh rate monitors to color accurate displays. Asus has always had a gap filled in.

We recently had the chance to ask Asus what they have got planned for the future of their monitors. Being a top-class brand name in the PC market, Asus gave us a few insights regarding what they have in store for gamers. here’s the questions we asked them.

Q.With the recent slew of HDR gaming, there is a silent absence of HDR monitors for the PC market unlike the console market that rely on TVs. We’ve seen the current generation of GPUs sporting HDR as being supported. What’s Asus’s plans for HDR monitors?

With the recent announcement at Computex, ASUS has revealed plans to move one big step forward which involves picture quality; spreading the same technology across a larger panel with a higher refresh rate.  Introducing the ROG Swift PG35VQ, it conforms to the HDR10 standard and draws from both an expansive palette of colors and a wide range of contrast.

The display is curved to enhance the panoramic feel. This display is answer to ASUS’s big plans ahead for the HDR monitors. With its UQWHD 3440×1440 resolution which adds up to about five megapixels, there’s no need for insane graphics horsepower to get the most out of the display.

Q. There’s barely any monitors that come with the color accuracy of an IPS monitor while maintaining a high refresh rate. Does Asus have anything planned in store. 

In regards to the solution to maintaining the balance between color accuracy of an IPS monitor and high refresh rate ; the ROG Swift PG35VQ is the best example.  This gaming monitor turns HDR and quantum dots up to 200Hz refresh rate while providing wide gamuts for color and contrast.

We employ quantum dots to broaden the spectrum of tones the display can produce, making gradients 0smoother and images more lifelike overall. These luminescent nanoparticles allows the monitor to support the wider DCI-P3 color space typically associated with cinema projectors.
In addition to satisfying gamers, the PG35VQ is likely to entice content creators who want to mix work and play on the same display. The panel is illuminated by 512 individual LEDs that can be controlled independently to darken specific portions of the picture.

The maximum brightness is a retina-searing 1000 nits, or roughly three times what you get with traditional monitors. And the blinding whites don’t come at the expense of deep blacks, which are a lot darker than you’re using to seeing on gaming displays. Localized dimming is part of the secret behind the monitor’s vast contrast range.

Q. What do you guys feel about FreeSync and GSync displays? With Microsoft confirming that Project Scorpio will come with FreeSync support built into the console, do you guys have some special options planned to cater Scorpio owners?

By then we weren’t sure what Project Scorpio would be called. Therefore, the mention of Project Scorpio instead of Xbox One X.

ASUS supports and provide both FreeSync (e.g MG278Q, VG245H series)and Gsync (PG Series) display solutions to our customer. Our monitor with Freesync capabilities will definitely be able to support Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.

We then went even further into their plans trying to ask Asus about an 8K monitor that they might be hiding. We asked:

Q. Do you guys have an 8K display down the roadmap for upcoming years just like Dell?

Currently by far ASUS has released no news on any upcoming plans for an 8K display. Perhaps, one day!

Q. Are you guys hiding a TV sized gaming monitor somewhere?

By far, the largest would be the latest curved PG35VQ which measures 35” diagonal across an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio, and the upcoming 32” curved VA326H gaming monitor.

As a finishing note, Asus added:

The important thing is that the displays bring HDR and wide-gamut color to the forefront. The next revolution in gaming monitors is coming, and we’re already incorporating it in the ROG Swift family.

We were really happy to sit down and get a few questions running with Asus. There’s really a huge push towards the gaming side of things from Asus. As Asus told us they have a lot planned for the future and are also looking into new ideas to expand their current lineup.

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