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The Xbox One X Turns Out To Be A 50/50 In China, Reveals Survey

The Xbox One X is the mightiest console manufactured by Microsoft yet. Packing 6TFLOPs of compute power along with 326GB/s or memory bandwidth, Microsoft definitely beats the PlayStation 4 Pro on paper.

In the US, I could definitely be seeing a ton of enthusiastic gamers willing to give Microsoft’s Xbox One X a try. However, according to a survey done in China, it seems like Chinese gamers are arguing on a 50/50 scale. Sony definitely has the edge when it comes to keeping their lineup fresh. With Microsoft announcing the Xbox One X, Microsoft is definitely taking a wider approach by making sure the Xbox One X has an excellent selection of titles for its launch.

The Xbox One X Turns Out To Be A 50/50 In China, Reveals Survey 1
Xbox One X’s Expanded View

So far, Sony has been able to sell their PlayStation 4 Pro on the basis of upscaling games to 4K by using several techniques. In the long run, the upscaled 4K experience is definitely a treat over 1080p. However, with Microsoft touting the Xbox One X as a true 4K console, Microsoft really needs to show off what the Xbox One X is capable of. For PC Gamers, the Xbox One X really seems like a compelling console. For the first time ever, as a PC gamer, I am really willing to get my hands on a console. Taking a look at a budget PC builder in mind, the $500 deal from Microsoft makes a whole lot of sense. But for console gamers, Microsoft needs to compel gamers with first and third-party titles that take advantage of that extra horsepower. The survey collected opinions from almost 12,000 users of which 53% aren’t interested to try out Microsoft’s Xbox One X, meanwhile 47% are willing to give it a shot. So far it seems like a 50/50 bet in China.

Sony often gets the upper edge, especially with this generation, we’ve seen the PlayStation 4 making clean sweeps over the Xbox One until the Xbox One S arrived on the scene. Microsoft on the other hand was sure to broaden the amount of games that take advantage of Xbox One X’s horsepower. And Microsoft is doing just that to favor its latest console.

The Xbox One X is set to release on the 7th of November, this year. It’s going to be interesting to see how many users jump aboard onto Microsoft’s latest console.

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