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Update: Project CARS 2 Won’t Be Running Native 4K/60FPS On The Xbox One X And PlayStation 4 Pro

Yesterday, GamersNet, a Dutch website reported that Project CARS 2 would run at Native 4K/60FPS. After gamers found about this news,  Slightly Mad Studio’s Ian Bell took it to an online forum where he cleared out the statements admitting that the 4K/60FPS confirmation they did earlier was clearly a misquote from their team.

Admitting their mistake, Ian Bell said:

“Yup, this was a misquote. We’re running sub 60 FPS at 4K and we’ll probably always be unless we drop livetrack and a host of other things… We’ll probably upscale from something very reasonable.”

After Ian Bell made the clarification, a user asked Ian if Project Cars 2 would run at 60FPS locked, to which he replied:

We don’t like the term ‘locked’. It would put us in first party territory where chest beating is more important than a great experience. We’ll be 60 most of the time in normal racing and we’ll push the consoles to and beyond their limits for more interesting racing. Even if that means dropping a few frames.

This could be quite unfortunate for many Xbox One X fans who were keeping their hopes up. We’re definitely sure, Slightly Mad Studios would do something to keep up and get some upscaling done on these beefier consoles. It seems like enthusiastic gamers would really want to look at Gaming PCs if they really want to fulfill their enthusiastic desires.

Credits: WCCFTech

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