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Ace Combat 7 Features Sneaky Easter Eggs For Long-Time Fans To Help Them Enjoy The Game At A Whole Different Level, Says Kono-San

The Ace Combat franchise has been with gamers for over 20 years now. With their latest sequel, Ace Combat 7 in development, there has been a lot of buzz from Bandai Namco regarding their next release into the series.

Ace Combat Producer, Kono-San had an interview recently where he shared some insights about the game’s development as we progress near into it’s release schedule. On behalf of a Twitter user, Dalton Link, Bandai Namco’s Social Media and Community Manager asked about how the game would be tailored as new gamers try out the game, or would gamers have to replay old Ace Combat titles to get a feel for Ace Combat 7’s storyline. Kono-san answered with:

“To reiterate what I said before, the game can be enjoyed by first time Ace Combat players. But for those who have played Ace Combat before, there would definitely be easter eggs that will help them enjoy the game on a whole different level.”

The Ace Combat series has been very well known for providing gamers an exciting and enthusiastic flying experience. Set to allow gamers to rule the skies, the game has seen drastic changes and improvements over the years in terms of graphics over the years. With the advancement of VR headsets, we reported earlier that AC7 might remain on the PlayStation VR for quite a while if it ever comes to over platforms. Set to release early next year, there’s still more than a while before the game matures for its release.


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