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Call Of Duty WWII’s Gameplay Would Be “Like butter, covered in sugar, and rolled in chocolate. Then dunked in love.” Says Condrey

The Call Of Duty franchise has finally pulled its horses back. After a huge rumor mill dying out a few months ago suggesting that the CoD franchise will be returning to its roots, it turned out to be true. After pulling the breaks so hard from entering the next few centuries, the CoD franchise aims to take gamers back to World War II to give gamers the ultimate brawl of our ancestors.

Michael Condrey announced that they would be doing an AmA on reddit for gamers who want to ask about their next game Call Of Duty WWII and get an insight about what they have planned for the future of the release of the game. A few questions he was asked from the AmA session was about how they adapted to the Call Of Duty franchise since Advanced Warfare and are now working on CoD:WWII that play out to be several generations apart. Michael Condrey replied with:

“Both are creative opportunities and incredibly different. AW was about researching what could happen in the future, and WWII is all about researching what has already happened. We’re extremely excited to bring Call of Duty back to its roots with this game and to show WWII like you’ve never seen it before.”

He was then asked about how dedicated they were to enter the eSports scene, to which he responded with:

“Very dedicated. We’re working closely with MLG and the teams to get the best combination of modes and maps. Coming out of the visit last week, everyone felt that we have great options for our competitive season. Still trying to figure out if there is an opportunity to turn War into a competitive experience, to be honest. Its so much fun to play, and watch. We haven’t cracked that nut yet though, to be honest.”

A lot of users were also curious about some technical aspects of the game. He was asked about the tick-rate CoD:WWII’s tickrate runs at in online multiplayer, to which he replied:

“We update packets at 60 times per second in both directions when network bandwidth allows.”

When he was asked about how the gameplay feels like, he replied:

“Like butter, covered in sugar, and rolled in chocolate. Then dunked in love.”

That’s some great news for many fans. While they did improve on the tickrate and other aspects of the game, the game really seems to be shaping up well. And with Condrey adding a cherry on top of the cake, its a galore for what many CoD fans await. Being a game that is based in the WW2 era, it would be really interesting to see how the game stacks up against EA’s Battlefield 1 that’s based on World War 1.

Call of Duty:WWII is set to release on the 3rd of November 2017 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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