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Exynos 9 Teaser Features A Device Reminiscent Of The Upcoming Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is on the verge of being announced and leaks have been running wild in the rumor mill. The behemoth of a smartphone is almost a month away to be announced and users have been expecting a lot from it. While previously there have been numerous leaks and rumors regarding the internal specification of the smartphone and the external design, we never know when the Korean tech giant aims to surprise us. This time around, we have a new leak and it comes directly from Samsung.

Galaxy Note 8 Teased By Samsung In Exynos 9 Teaser?

An alleged image has surface on the internet that showcases a device that looks pretty much similar to what previous leaks suggest about the Galaxy Note 8. The image was actually part of Samsung’s Exynos 9 teaser. The company’s aim was to  release a so called teaser for its Exynos processor, resting atop a smartphone which is reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 8.

We have shared the image and as you can see, the device is not anything like a released smartphone. However, judging on the bases of its design and aesthetics, it looks more like the leaks of the Galaxy Note 8. As we have come to know from previous leaks and rumors that Sammy will further reduce the bezel size, which will make room for a virtual edge to edge display in the Note 8 compared to its Galaxy S8 counterpart, the image does support this hypothesis.

We know for sure that the device portrayed is not at all the Galaxy S8 or its bigger variant. Although, we can move with the conclusion that Samsung has officially teased the Galaxy Note 8 in the teaser. The top bezel of the smartphone is comparatively smaller than the Galaxy S8 and there are no borders visible on wither sides if the handset. Henceforth, we can speculate that the said device is a Galaxy Note 8.

However, since Samsung has not stated it officially that it is  indeed the Galaxy Note 8, we can expect the final product product to be different from it as well. What do you think about the Galaxy Note 8? Do you think the S8 manufacturer has officially teased the upcoming Note 8?


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