This Fan-Made Horizon Zero Dawn Lego Set Is Amazing

Since it’s launch in early 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn has gathered quite a player base. The game features a big and beautiful world, with a variety of creatures. Recreating that in real life with Lego bricks is a challenging task, however, “Marcel V.“, a Flickr user, stood up to the task and created his own Horizon Zero Dawn lego set.

Marcel V.’s Horizon Zero Dawn lego set looks mesmerizing, with great attention to detail. Here, take a look at it yourself:

This Fan-Made Horizon Zero Dawn Lego Set Is Amazing

The attention to detail is amazing here. Aloy’s bow and his outfit look very detailed and everything else, in general, looks really nice too.  According to Marcel, his Lego set is inspired by the “Newcastle Tyne Bridge” in Horizon Zero Dawn. Marcel isn’t a big fan of the game either, however, he does appreciate good art.

“Although I’m not into these kind of games, I always enjoy the outstanding artwork. And Horizon Zero Dawn is just beautiful. ”
– Wrote Marcel in an image caption.

You can check out more of Marcel’s work here. He’s quite an amazing Lego builder. For more, keep it set on GeeksULTD.


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