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GT Sport Is Coming This October, New Trailer Confirms

GT Sport is one of Sony’s core titles to keep the PlayStation 4 in the game. With Sony taking the head-start with their PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony has been striving to keep the PlayStation 4 family of consoles fresh.

Today, we finally got a release date for GT Sport. After a long wait, GT Sport would make its way to shelves on this October. On the 17th of October, gamers who were hungry to get a look at the game would finally be able to pick up for themselves.

As far as gamers who are keen about the graphics, Polyphony has confirmed that game would indeed run at 4K/60FPS with HDR enabled if you have the display that’s capable of supporting 4K and HDR. On top of that, Sony seems to have the upper edge here for gamers who are keen to play GT Sport in VR thanks to Sony’s in-house PSVR.

There’s definitely a ton of racers coming out this year. And with GT Sport making its way in, the racing field is going to be really exciting especially when you have Project Cars 2, Need For Speed and Forza Motorsport 7 around.

GT Sport Is Coming This October, New Trailer Confirms 4

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