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New Rumor Suggests Some Interesting Details About The Next iPhone

Apple reveals their latest lineup of smartphones every September. We’re two months away before any official news arrives. We’ve been covering a several number of numbers that have been rolling in. With the manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Xiaomi pushing screen-body ratios to the forefront, there’s no telling Apple could be working on it behind its curtains.

While Apple lost the battle to integrate fingerprint technology under the display against Chinese manufacturer Vivo, Apple could be taking a much simpler approach at TouchID by integrating the TouchID into the power button as the new rumor suggests.

A Chinese Weibo Forum user took it to Weibo to report the recent details he had received. In Chinese, he quoted

“收到了一个爆料:除了 7s/7s Plus,另外一款就叫 iPhone Plus,没刘海,指纹识别在开机键下方的一个新 Home 键上;颜色除了亮黑/黑/银色,新增一个“07色”,参考第一代 iPhone 后面颜色,iPhone Plus 才有这个颜色,现在内部也有说是 classic 色的,64G 和 256G 可以选,会随机附赠无线充电磁盘,单可以从 lighting 上拔下来,参考 Apple watch 的充电模式。


我个人觉得还是有点靠谱的[并不简单]解释了加长电源键的原因和作用,用来做指纹识别;更少的配色、64GB/256GB 两个储存选项、感应式无线充电盘印证了之前郭明池的报告;Classic 配色也是情理之中,毕竟 iPhone 十周年,这个初代 iPhone 的配色有纪念意义。”

New Rumor Suggests Some Interesting Details About The Next iPhone 4

With the help of Google Translate, it seems like the user says that in addition to the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, there would be a separate iPhone as well, called the iPhone Plus. On top of that, Apple is also going to add wireless charging to the next iPhone as well with the wireless charging pad packed into the box as well.

The rumor also suggests that there would be an addition to the color lineup of the next iPhone. Although, personally speaking, I think there would be varying shades of what Apple already has to offer.

While this may seem like someone’s banging pillows to get a nail into a wall, there’s no telling what the accuracy of this rumor is. If Apple does implement TouchID into the power button onto the side of the phone, it seems like Apple wants to take Sony’s route of making it simpler, while also enlarging the display.

Samsung currently takes the cake for manufacturing the best looking smartphone to date. However, the next iPhone is going to be really important for Apple as Samsung sales continue to rise with the Samsung Galaxy S8’s infinity display.

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