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No Man’s Sky’s Alternate Reality Game Teases Next Major Update, Coming Next Month

No Man’s Sky was one of the most-hyped games that were released back in 2016. The game did suffer from a lot of negative feedback, as it was not what the fans were expecting it to be. Since then, Hello Games, the creators of No Man’s Sky, are hard at work. They have launched 2 major updates, which improved No Man’s Sky in a lot of ways.

The first update was called the “Foundation Update“. It brought a lot of new stuff to the game, including base-building. The second major update was released back in March 2017; it added land vehicles to the game.

Since the last major update, Hello Games hasn’t revealed much about the next NMS update. However, the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) of No Man’s Sky teases another major update of No Man’s Sky, possibly coming next month.

So, here’s how it went down. In June 2017, moderators of many No Man’s Sky subreddits received packages from Hello Games. The packages contained one cassette and a poster. The clues in the cassette were solved and they gave out a string of letters. That string of letters was actually ASCII code and it was translated to “Portal”.

The fans progressed through the ARG and received several documents that teased an upcoming No Man’s Sky update {Read More}. Eventually, the latest document discovered by the fans blatantly teased an upcoming NMS update.

Here’s what it says:

No Man's Sky's Alternate Reality Game Teases Next Major Update, Coming Next Month 1

As you can see in the picture above, the document is signed by “S.M”, which is probably Sean Murray himself, the creator of Hello Games and No Man’s Sky. Also, the document says “new experiences in version 1.3”, which is a direct indication of the next major NMS update, as the last update had the version number “1.2”. It also says “we intend to keep the process alive until completion of Project Waking Titan (the ARG) in August” – this may mean that the update will release sometime in August.

Along with the document, a website of No Man’s Sky’s “Atlas Foundation” also went live. The website asks for e-mail subscribers. If you subscribe to the Atlas website with your e-mail, you will become a part of a survey. Signing up through the survey will enroll you in a giveaway, in which you can win a physical No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass (level 4).

No Man's Sky's Alternate Reality Game Teases Next Major Update, Coming Next Month 2
No Man’s Sky – Level 4 Atlas Pass. (Picture via Atlas Website)

So there you have it, guys. The teasers for the upcoming No Man’s Sky update are real. We should hear about the update officially from Hello Games soon. For more, keep it set on GeeksULTD.

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