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Pro CS:GO Players Complain About Low FPS During Krakow 2017 Tournament

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is one of the largest titles in the esports scenes. Attracting over a million viewers all over the world watching major tournaments live, the Counter-Strike competitive scene is taken very seriously.

Being a title developed by Valve and being an exclusive on PC, CS:GO players take their gear and hardware very seriously. From gaming peripherals to 240Hz gaming monitors, CS:GO Players have been among the most active community at taking advantage of all the bling. Being a CS:GO Player myself, I myself have a constant stats counter on my screen active at all times while playing the game to monitor my FPS, ping and other information. A lot of this information is critical to many CS players.

With the ongoing Krakow Tournament 2017, there has been a few issues going on in the tournament’s PCs. Stewie2k, a professional CS:GO player from Cloud9 participating in the Krakow 2017 tournament tweeted about the issues they have been facing with the PCs provided at the tournament. Stewie2K said:

Shroud didn’t even have Nvidia on his computer LOL!

Shroud who is also a player from Cloud9 didn’t have graphics card drivers installed on their PCs. Stewie2K reported that Shroud, who is his team mate, had 70-150FPS while playing his major. Stewie2K tweeted:

he plays 1920 too. no wonder..70-150 fps. shitty lan

Many non-CS:GO players might be wondering that 150FPS should be more than enough since. But in fact, in CS:GO its always best to have your FPS above 250 especially when paired when a high-refresh rate monitors. Stewie then went on and said that they weren’t even allowed to warmup due to the delays.

first day they didn’t even allow me to warmup because of their delays

This whole situation seems like a mess. However, there’s no telling so far if other players are experiencing the same. So far, it seems like other Pro players are okay with their PCs. According to what Stewie2k reported on Twitter seems like the organizers weren’t prepared for the tournament beforehand.

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