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Two New Games Added to Nintendo Switch’s eShop

Nintendo Switch is going pretty well for Nintendo. The console is getting a new major title called Splatoon 2, which will release tomorrow. Well, aside from this, there’s some more good news too!

Nintendo has added two new titles to the Switch’s eShop. These are:

  • Boost Beast.
  • Samurai Shodown.

About Boost Beast:

Boost Beast is a pretty unique game developed by “arcsystemworks”. It is a puzzle game with a sort-of action element to it. Boost Beast is available on the eShop for $10. You can buy it here.

About Samurai Shodown:

Two New Games Added to Nintendo Switch's eShop

Along with Boost Beast, Nintendo dropped the classical 1993 Neo-Geo fighting game “Samurai Shodown”. The game was widely popular in its time because it introduced fighting with weapons instead of the usual hand-to-hand combat. Samurai Shodown also had a great gameplay feature that no game at the time had, and that was the rage mode. Samurai Shodown is now available on Nintendo Switch for $8.

Last week, Nintendo added 5 titles to the eShop. This week? Only two. That’s not bad though, considering Splatoon 2 is releasing tomorrow. For more, keep it locked on GeeksULTD.

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