Everyone’s at the edge of their seats after Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 yesterday. Recently, there has been a leak that confirms that Apple will be launching the next iPhone one the 12th of September. Let that sink in…. on the 12th of September. That’s more than 2 weeks now before Apple officially unveils the next iPhone. There’s a ton of hype surrounding the next iPhone and I am definitely sure, some users would be waiting for the next iPhone before purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


Apple’s next phone is definitely building a lot of hype. Especially with the rumors surrounding the next iPhone, the next iPhone could be a big one. Whether Apple calls it the iPhone 7s or the 8 is up for them to reveal. Although I would love it to be called the iPhone 8. If its released on the 12th of September, there would be a ton of competition between the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 as they would be open for sale by that time. However, even if Apple reveals it by then, there’s a possibility of Apple pushing the actual sales date further down the line.

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