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This Could Be Your Cleanest, Most Blatant, Look At The LG V30 Before Its Official

LG has assured through its social media outlets that they’ll be unveiling their V30 soon. The LG V30 would continue to cater prosumers filling in the shoes of its so-called ancestors.

In a post on Chinese forum called Weibo, a user has leaked what seems to be the LG V30 continuing with LG’s G6 display legacy. According to the user, LG seems to have improved their DACsa dn would also pack a better display compared to the G6, at leats that’s what it seems like after using Google translate. The LG V30 would also use shiny metal trims on its sides and would feature rounded corners yet again swaying from the design language LG has used in the paste with their previous V-series of smartphones. In LG’s two iterations of the V-series of smartphones, we’ve seen LG leap from one design to another with each phone and with the G6 launching earlier this year, this could most probably be the LG V30.

This Could Be Your Cleanest, Most Blatant, Look At The LG V30 Before Its Official 2
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If we’re talking about the specifications on the LG G6, we could be looking at the rumored Qualcomm 836 SoC, similar to what we’re hearing about the Pixel 2. Now what would be interesting to see is how LG and Google seem to put forward their pricing strategy after Samsung officially hitting the ceiling with the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

With Samsung seemingly looking like as if they did their homework with the S8 and Note 8 with no further high-end releases, the LG V30 and Google Pixel 2 could be among the first to sport the Qualcomm 836 SoC. Now only time would tell what LG has in store for the LG V30. Let’s just hope its not another $1000 phone.

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