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COD:WWII’s Micheal Condrey Gives Some Insights What Adjustments They’ll be Making During The Next Weekend In The Beta

Micheal Condrey has just announced how excited he was after receiving all of the feedback from the fans as the COD:WWII’s 1st Beta weekend came to and end yesterday. Gamers and fans alike contributed and got the chance to experience the game first-hand during the Private Beta.

Micheal Condrey assured that this isn’t the end to their improvements and has given some insights on what they are working on during the next weekend. Here’s the points he mentioned that his team would be working on.

• It has come to our attention that some users are seeing an incorrect error message saying servers are down when they are not.

• We have identified a rare bug where users are seeing a false message about players being kicked from their parties. We have identified and fixed the issue.

• We are aware of a bug that prompts you to “Unlock and Equip” an item, but it only unlocks the item and does not equip. We are working on fixing this. (It’s annoying to us too)

• Some of the battle chatter and hit marker audio still requires some fine tuning. Specifically, the NPC call outs of enemy positions need some addressing.

• There is a bug that is causing some party members to lose connection with the lobby host.

Also, there are a number of features and adjustments that we are still working to optimize for launch, as well as some things we want to test further based on your feedback. These include:

• Adjusting Dom kills to 100pts, from 50.

• Increasing TDM end match score to 100.

• Hit feedback improvements, including better audio and more obvious headshot indicator

• Reducing Molotov to x1 per Scorestreak.

• Sprint out to ADS time refinement.

• Incendiary Shells as default off, and perhaps need to be nerfed.

• Paratrooper strength / cost balancing.

• Recon Aircraft too vulnerable to rifle damage.

• Color Blind support option.

• Bumper Jumper and other key controller configs.

Michael Condrey is looking forward in improving the game even further and is looking forward to gain more feedback as the game progresses. The game still has some time before it finally releases. But to add the finishing touches and make sure that its stable, the community feedback would be very valuable to them.

As the game nears its release, it would be interesting to see how well the game fares during its release especially with Battlefield 1 hanging around. Indeed an exciting end to 2017 ahead.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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