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FCC Filing Shows The Google Pixel 2 Running Advanced Version Of Android O

The latest trend in the smartphone industry is the introduction of a gigantic display housed in a smaller form factor. While Samsung has released its Galaxy S8 and it bigger variant the S8+, the industry is likely to follow. We all know the iPhone 8 is on the verge of being announced and we’re pretty sure how it will look like considering the amount of leaks and rumors which have surfaced recently. Now, it’s time for the Google Pixel 2 to shine. We’re expecting the device to not follow the trend. This is because a hi-res image was leaked of the smartphone and we did not see such a thing as a bezel-less design. However, the FCC filing has shown something that contributes internally.

FCC Filing Shows The Google Pixel 2 Running Advanced Android O

Apart from the hardware and design, the Google Pixel 2 will include features which we should all look forward to. We already know that HTC will be manufacturing this year’s Pixel 2 handset. The larger of the duo will be manufactured by LG. Moving on to the new FCC filing, the Pixel branded smartphone from Google will be running an advanced version of the Android O operating system. It is expected that the Google Pixel 2 will run Android O, which is Android 8.0.1.

FCC Filing Shows The Google Pixel 2 Running Advanced Version Of Android O 1

At this point in time, we are not exactly certain on which features will be present out of the box. However, what we do know is that the smartphone will feature an ‘Active Edge’ feature. The feature is similar to what we have already seen in the HTC U11. Active Edge will be activated when you squeeze the smartphone and it will perform specific functions. When you put a certain amount of force on the sides of the smartphone, some actions or shortcuts will be triggered.

As we have mentioned earlier, the Pixel 2 will not feature a bezel-less design, if the image leak is considered to be true. Could this be that Google is said to release a cheaper Pixel phone? Moreover, we’re not sure what features will be part of it as well so let’s just wait and watch. Stay tuned for more details on the Google Pixel 2.


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