Rumor: iPhone 8 UI Screenshot Indicates No Function Area and No Physical/Virtual Home Button

As the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is out, rumors are now starting to focus on the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. While the Note8 is not that impressive, the iPhone 8 certainly is. Apple has totally changed the design of the iPhone with the iPhone 8. It will have no home button and it will be almost bezel-less, according to many rumors. The sales of the iPhone 7 didn’t go very well as compared to previous iPhones, so Apple is stepping up their game with the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 will have everything that was missing on the previous iPhones; it will have wireless charging, OLED display, facial recognition and vertical dual-camera sensors.

Rumor: iPhone 8 UI Screenshot Indicates No Function Area and No Physical/Virtual Home Button
Alleged iPhone 8 UI Screenshot

Well, another rumor on the iPhone 8 came out today. To be more precise, it’s a UI screenshot of the phone, which shows that the iPhone 8 will have no physical or virtual (software) home button. The screenshot first appeared on Chinese social network called Weibo. The authenticity of the screenshot is questionable but if it’s authentic, then the iPhone 8 won’t have a “function area” that will replace the home button, as indicated by many other rumors. The screenshot also shows a great screen-to-body ratio. According to these rumors, the iPhone 8 will be almost bezel-less. The black area on the front-top of the phone is to accommodate for the sensors as well as the front camera.

The iPhone 8’s design will be really interesting to see. According to rumors, Apple will launch the iPhone 8 sometime in late October or September 2017.

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