The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is finally here. After the phone made its huge debute a few days ago, the phone is without a doubt the best Note smartphone in Samsung’s lineup of smartphones. After the huge crisis Samsung went through recalling the Note 7, Samsung is aware that some people are still holding onto the Note 7 despite everything Samsung has done.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 out, Samsung is desperate for owners who are still holding onto the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to hand in their Note 7 in exchange for a huge discount on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, $425 off the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in-fact. Not only that but Samsung also promises to let you get your hands on the Note 8 with prioritized shipping so that you could be among the first to get your hands on it.

As far as what information Samsung has provided on their trade-in page, it seems like Samsung seems to be offering the hefty discount to US owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 only as there doesn’t seem to be any trade-in programs for the Note 7 from Samsung here in Malaysia. Being a phone that was once their charm, I’d bet that there would be some people who would be giving up their Note 7 in favour of the Note 8. Meanwhile, those who hold onto the Note 7 would soon find themselves holding a collector’s gem sooner or later. Afterall, where’s the Note 6?

If you’re located in the US, here’s your chance to redeem your Note 7 right here.

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