Project Cars 2 is about to hit stores and gaming systems this year. With the fans and enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the game as soon as possible, the hype isn’t falling short.

With Gamescom 2017 waiting right around the corner, we could expect eager fans willing to put their thirst to an end. Recently Slightly Mad Studios, the studio who are responsible for Project Cars 2, have released a new trailer prior to Gamescom trying to keep the momentum and hype going. Here’s the trailer.

Gamescom 2017 will be held through the 22nd of August until the 26 of August in Cologne, Germany. With the PC2 devs still working on the game, there’s still time before the game is fully polished before its release in 2017.

PC gamers and console gamers alike are going to be at the edge of their seats to find out what the final game has in store for their system specifically.

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