Knack was one of the first titles that were available on the PlayStation 4 during its launch. Now that a few years has gone by, finally, the developers, Sony, have come up with a sequel to the game.

The original game featured some excellent visuals for a simple title, but didn’t feature good enough mechanics at the time. At PSX 2016, Sony announced that they are working on the sequel to the title and it seems like the final release isn’t too far.

Now while the game wasn’t among Sony’s highest praised titles the game definitely had a unique feel to it, especially with the third-person view of completing the missions. The game definitely won some hearts and is looking to win some more once it releases. An excellent title in my opinion to get the young ones started.

Here’s some gameplay that would give you some idea of how Knack 2 would be like.

The game would be available on the 5th of September this year on the Sony PlayStation 4 and its family of systems only.

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