Microsoft made Project Scorpio official this year. Now dubbed as the Xbox One X, Microsoft had been teasing the console since E3 2016  as the ultimate console that would satisfy high-end enthusiasts with its 4K gaming.

Aside from being a competitor to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, Microsoft’s Xbox One X came with a huge set of features that would set it apart from Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. Simply talking about shear raw power, Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro packs 4.2TFLOPs of compute power meanwhile the Xbox One X takes the lead with its 6TFLOPs of compute power on paper. Both Microsoft and Sony have been busy at showing off what their consoles are capable of and with Sony picking up an early lead with its early launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro, Microsoft has to show off what their console is actually capable of.

With Microsoft confirming the launch dates for the Xbox One X, there’s simply a matter of time before fans get excited when the Xbox One X hits their local stores. The Xbox One X is set to launch on the 7th of November 2017. which is just a few months away.

Today, Microsoft reported that they have sold out all of the pre-orders of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition which is a limited time exclusive console that Microsoft is offering at the moment. Microsoft has also confirmed that the next wave of Xbox One X pre-orders would be the Standard Edition of the console.

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