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The Xiaomi Mi MiX 2 Concept By World-Renowned Designer Trades Blows With Samsung’s Infinity Display

After the Sharp Aquos, Xiaomi was among the first back in late 2016 to start stretching displays to the next level. With the original Xiaomi Mi MiX shocking fans all over the world for its gorgeous appearance back in October 2016, its almost time Xiaomi comes up with a successor.

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Starck 发布于 2017 年 8 月 17 日 周四

A concept created by French designer just showed off what seemed to the be the limit of a bezel-less smartphone. After LG and Samsung caught up with the act, it was clear Xiaomi has some competition waiting for them. With fans eager to finally find out what Xiaomi would implement for their next smartphone, the concept created by Philippe Starck is simply stunning.

With a rounded display and an almost non-existent chin, the phone seems like to be a Samsung Galaxy S8 without the top portion. Without a doubt, Xiaomi’s expansion into Europe would really allow them to show off what they are capable of especially outside of Asia where it really matters for Xiaomi.

What’s left to be seen is if Xiaomi actually reveals the device sooner of later after the excellent launch of the Mi6 earlier this year.The Xiaomi Mi MiX 2 Concept By World-Renowned Designer Trades Blows With Samsung's Infinity Display 2

The competition for the Xiaomi Mi MiX is going to be tough. Especially with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 around, the competition is going to be intriguing. If this goes well too, Xiaomi has another strong year on their hands.

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