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EA Introduces Players To Need For Speed Payback’s Fortune Valley

The hype for EA’s comeback is real as EA continues to tease Need For Speed Payback’s development time to time. The title is set to bring a ton of the communities issues to the end. Need For Speed Payback is without a doubt a memory-scatter from the 2000 NFS:Underground era. Let’s just hope it is.

With EA nearing its launch date for Need For Speed:Payback, EA has finally shown off a portion of Fortune Valley. The map promises to offer an excellent driving experience for everyone with its excellent missions/challenges and the dynamics of its road layout. The map offers lush area with excellent skyscraper high cities along with night racing area to keep gamers ahead of the game. Around the map, players would be able to find dead cars and would be able to build them from the ground up. Alongside buying dead cars, gamers would also be able to pickup brand new vehicles in the game taking their racing experience to another level.

With gamers putting a lot of their trust into EA, so far, it seems like EA would finally deliver players what they want this time around with an engaging storyline, car customization, missions, tasks and a ton lot more. Personally I am hyped to get a look at how the game would finally be like. Let’s not forget that Need For Speed Payback would be enhanced for the Xbox One X as well. For PC gamers, lets just hope its a stable launch as the game looks beautiful as it is.

Need For Speed Payback is set to release on the 10th of November on the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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