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Gigabyte Supposedly Teases The Existence Of The GTX 1070 Ti

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There’s been a number of rumors that have been suggesting that Nvidia is upto something, most probably a GTX 1070 Ti. There have been several respected outlets confirming from inside sources that Nvidia has started the production of the GTX 1070 Ti. This has stirred quite a discussion among PC gamers if this release from Nvidia is actually beneficial or if this would shake Nvidia’s pricing strategy a bit.

Nvidia released their Pascal lineup of GPUs back in Q2, 2016 that consisted of the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 solely. Later down the line, Nvidia finally started filling in the gaps with their budget oriented GPUs and closed the discussion of the GTX 1070 Ti’s existence. Another time when PC gamers expected the GTX 1070 Ti to drop was back when Nvidia held an event where they debuted the GTX 1080 Ti and announced slightly upgraded versions of their GTX 1060s. However, there was no sign of the GTX 1070 Ti even then, so then why now?

With AMD filling in the gaps with their RX Vega series of GPUs, it seems like Nvidia has taken notice of AMD’s RX Vega performance, more notably, the Vega 56. A number of well-known reviewers have called AMD’s RX Vega 56 the best GPU for under $399 which absolutely trumps Nvidia’s long dominance. With Volta still baking in the oven and taking its time, most likely, Nvidia could be preparing for the GTX 1070 Ti. With all of these rumors hanging around, Gigabyte has just teased quite an unmistakable tease on their Facebook page that reads:

Ti will get you too…eventually…

Facebook | GIGABYTE

While Nvidia has been quiet about it, this should shed some light onto some gamers. However, the consequences seems to keep me puzzled. If Nvidia is actually preparing these cards, Nvidia should be pricing these cards just below the $399 bracket. If this happens, Nvidia would automatically decrease the price of the GTX 1070 even further which would make it even more accessible to the public. However, PC gamers who are already hanging onto their GTX 1070s would see minimal improvements as the GTX 1070 Ti would obviously perform in between the GTX 1070 and 1080. Seems like an excellent tease there from Gigabyte. I personally wish that it never comes.



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