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Huawei Becomes World’s Second Largest Smartphone Brand, Surpassing Apple

Huawei is the biggest Chinese smartphone manufacturer. According to a report, Huawei has surpassed Apple in global smartphone sales, becoming the second largest smartphone brand in the world, behind Samsung. Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhenfei once said:

Apple has a lot of money, but too conservative. We don’t have money but pretend to be rich as crazy investments. We don’t have money but still, dare to do. Apple is so rich, why they don’t do more? If Apple continues to lead the human society, we will follow their lead. If Apple can’t put more money, they can follow us. We will become as rich as Apple.

Well, looks like Zhenfei achieved what he hinted there in the quote. According to Counterpoint research firm, Huawei sold more smartphones than Apple in the months of June and July. They are now just behind Samsung. The sales figures of Huawei for the month of August aren’t disclosed yet by Counterpoint, but they hint that the sales for the month of August also look strong.

However, despite beating Apple in sales figures, none of Huawei’s phones made it to Counterpoint’s Top 10 best-selling phones. Apple’s new iPhone is just around the corner. With the release of the new iPhone, Apple might regain their spot. Huawei achieved this through a lot of investment in R&D and aggressive & clever marketing strategies, according to Counterpoint.

According to Counterpoint, Huawei is not utilizing their full potential, especially in the regions of India, South Asia, and North America. Their sales figures in these regions are not that good. Apple and Samsung and other companies like Oppo and Xiaomi dominate these regions. Huawei has good sales figures in China, Latin America, Middle East and Europe.

Huawei Becomes World's Second Largest Smartphone Brand, Surpassing Apple
Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus remain the best-selling smartphones.


Counterpoint’s Senior Analyst Pavel Naiya said:

“While Huawei has trimmed its portfolio, it likely needs to further streamline its product range like Oppo and Xiaomi have done — putting more muscle behind fewer products.”

Huawei Becomes World Second Best Smartphone Brand
Image via Counterpoint.

According to International Data Corporation, Apple shipped 41 million units in the second quarter of 2017 while Huawei shipped 38.5 million units. After the release of the new iPhone, it is likely that Apple will regain their spot in the global smartphone market.

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