Microsoft Adds An Extra Measure To Inform Xbox One X Owners If Their Title Is “Enhanced”

With Microsoft heading into its release frame of the Xbox One X, Microsoft has made a huge shift in a ton of departments. With the release of the Xbox One X crawling closer to its shipping date, Microsoft has been active at educating players about their upcoming consoles.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s take on 4K enthusiast gaming. Microsoft is promising that their beast of a console would support 4K HDR gaming along with support for Dolby Atmos. While the Xbox One X would radically change the Xbox One ecosystem thanks to its excellent upgrades. Selected titles released prior to the release of the Xbox One X would be “Enhanced” in order to take advantage of the power inside of the Xbox One X. Social Media Manager at Xbox, Graeme Boyd, informed Xbox One X players to look for three logos that would would indicate if the selected title has been enhanced to take advantage of the power packed into the Xbox One X. This is really crucial and a nice way to inform players if that specific title has been enhanced.

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This isn’t something new though, Sony did something similar too with the launch of their PlayStation VR headset where that added specific logos to indicate is that title supports Sony’s PSVR and if it requires the PlayStation Camera. Nonetheless, an excellent way for Xbox One players to be informed if a specific title has been enhanced for the Xbox One X or not. If you’re an Xbox One X owner, just make sure that the title you’ve been looking for has been enhanced.

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