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Minecraft “Better Together” Update Very Unstable, Players Reporting Glitching, Crashes & Dashboard Lag

Minecraft’s new “Better Together” update rolled out yesterday on PC, Xbox One, and Mobile platforms. One of the biggest things that this update brings is the cross-play feature, which allows players to play together, regardless of what platform they are on. However, many users that have tried the new update so far are reporting that it is unstable and very buggy.

Minecraft "Better Together" Update Very Unstable, Players Reporting Glitching, Crashes & Dashboard Lag

In a Reddit post, many people are reporting issues on the new update. These include Xbox Dashboard lag (caused by Minecraft: Better Together) and glitches here and there.

How has this game been allowed to be released in its current state, its extremely unstable, there is a mouse cursor of some sort stuck in the middle of the screen (I assume for mouse and keyboard) and the game causes lag on the dashboard, even after you have closed it.
– Says Reddit user ZRkillerBUSH.

On the above-mentioned Reddit post, many other people reported the same issues too. The game crashes while loading worlds sometimes, according to one user. Another user writes:

The update and the entire game is broken. Sometimes it takes literally 10 minutes to get to your world when trying to load it up.
– Says Reddit user Vurondotron.

Tons of people are reporting almost the same issues. It seems like Microsoft rushed with the new update and it is not very stable. Tons of users moved back to the console versions after trying out the new update. The developers of Minecraft, Mojang, should take notice of these issues and resolve them through an update. But, right now, it seems like the new update is not giving a very pleasant first experience.

You can check more of what people are reporting about this update here.

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