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Nintendo Revamps Their Login Security With 2-Step Verification Logins

Nintendo has become the buzz again. After flopping with a few consoles, Nintendo finally nailed it with the release of their Nintendo Switch earlier this year. With Nintendo enjoying the massive sales that their Nintendo Switch is bringing in, Nintendo has also been focusing on keeping their accounts safer.

After Sony, Nintendo has also added 2-step verification to their accounts. Nintendo players should now be able to add their phone number and add an extra security measure to keep their account secure from hackers and snoopers. However, Nintendo hasn’t implemented SMS verification as an option. Instead, players find their login codes in their Nintendo smartphone app that is similar to what we’ve seen with Steam’s implementation of making their accounts even more secure.

Indeed this is an excellent way to secure your account up. We would highly recommend Nintendo Switch users to enable two-step verification on their accounts.

Nintendo Revamps Their Login Security With 2-Step Verification Logins 4

Source | NintendoEverything


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