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Xbox Boss Says That They’re Working With Devs To Allow The Xbox One X Run The Best Version Of Their Titles

Both Sony and Microsoft have been hard at work with their latest iteration of consoles. With fans eager to get their hands on the Xbox One X launching later this year, Microsoft has been very active in promoting the Xbox One X and the series of titles that would be available on the Xbox One X’s launch.

Xbox Head, Phil Spencer has just reported on Twitter that they are working closely with developers to cater Xbox One X gamers with the best versions of their games.  We’ve seen Phil teasing the same words while the Xbox One X was being dubbed as Project Scorpio. The reason for the Xbox One X to exist is to basically cater enthusiast Xbox One gamers with the power they have been waiting for matching PC quality gameplay is such a tiny form-factor. With Microsoft confirming and showing off a demo of the Xbox One X running Forza Motorsport 7 at native 4K/60FPS on the Xbox One X, there’s a ton of hype surrounding Microsoft’s beastly console.

“Results are looking good, we really want X to be absolutely best console version of a game, working with devs to make that true” – Phil Spencer

Its really important and critical at this point for Microsoft to work closely with developers especially with Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro around that is proving to be an excellent 4K gaming console as well. While the PlayStation 4 Pro may not be native, Microsoft’s key task here is to allow gamers to distinguish between native and upscaled 4K on both of these consoles if the Xbox One X manages to hit that consistently. This is going to be the perfect holiday for keen gamers to pickup either of these consoles for Christmas and call it a day with the excellent slew of titles backing both of these consoles during this last quarter of 2017.

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