Xbox Boss Sets Battlefield 3 As An Example For Why Backwards Compatible Titles Are Still Relevant

There’s no doubt Microsoft has done an excellent job in following what the community pleases. From enabling backwards compatibility from last-gen titles, to announcing their Xbox Play Anywhere program that allows you to play your purchased title on the Xbox One and PC with a single purchase and play with cross-play enabled between PC and Xbox One players.

With Microsoft adding Battlefield 3 to their backwards compatibility list, the online player base for the game has given the game some more life. Without a doubt, there’s a ton of gamers who simply adored Battlefield 3 but had to leave it behind since the launch of current-gen consoles.

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After a fan tweeted to Phil Spencer on Twitter regarding the surge in players in Battlefield 3 since it was added to Microsoft’s Backwards Compatible titles, Phil Spencer was happy to give his thoughts and set this as an example to why backwards compatible titles make sense even today. Phil said:

To me this is why cross-play, back compat etc is important. Want to keep older games going with a playerbase that can sustain. – Phil Spencer

Being a title released almost six years ago, there’s definitely a ton of players who would like to rejuvenate their excitement. There’s no telling how many more games got a boost after Microsoft started their Backwards Compatible program. So far, it seems very successful and is definitely catering their player base well. Indeed an excellent title from EA.

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Usman Abdul Jabbar

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LordCancer Kain

its called a pc! noone wants to play 2011 inferior console version of game with no improvements in 2017. now make some F’exclusives already!


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