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Xbox UK Invites PlayStation UK For Dinner, Gets Shot Back With Classic Savagery

With fans often touting the advantaged of their gaming platform, without a doubt, there’s an intense competition between brands as well. Microsoft have been very well-known to call out Sony at a few times, and what happened earlier this week was no different.

Basically, with the International Day of Peace landing earlier this week, Microsoft’s Xbox UK division decided to invite Sony’s PlayStation together. With Sony taking a while to reply back, a number of large developers and studios got together on a debate on where to dine in. While debating about where to dine-in on Twitter, a number of developers and studios chimed into the party keeping their differences and competition aside. Microsoft started the conversation. Here’s how it turned out

Hey @PlaystationUK, dinner later? #InternationalDayofPeace – Xbox UK

Xbox UK Invites PlayStation UK For Dinner, Gets Shot Back With Classic Savagery 4

While all of the developers were making themselves cozy, all of a sudden Sony PlayStation finally replied back to Microsoft’s invitation with:

New phone, who dis? – PlayStation UK

Now whatever that means is up to you how you reference it, but it sure is hilarious. Only the mysteries of Earth would be able to answer if Sony actually made it to the meeting. Oh well, if Sony did sure entertain us and a ton of other users. Nonetheless, both companies manufacture and have built among the best gaming communities around their consoles. Can’t wait to see what Sony has ahead for 2018.

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