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Xiaomi Finally Unveils Their Jaw-Dropping Mi MiX 2

We all knew Xiaomi was getting ready to laucnh and unveil the Mi MiX 2. After the original Mi MiX paved way for the LG G6 and S8 and many other smartphones that came after it, it was finally time for Xiaomi, the bezel-less trend-setter to deliver the next big thing. The company has gained a huge amount of traction for their affordable flagship smartphones, and with the Mi MiX 2 following Xiaomi’s traits of keeping quality and satisfaction consistent, there’s no wonder how Xiaomi has kept itself relevant with all of its competition.

Xiaomi Finally Unveils Their Jaw-Dropping Mi MiX 2 6

Today, the Chinese company finally unveiled the Mi MiX 2 for US $785, which is quite a high price for the phone. However, being a phone where Xiaomi has kept their constraints limited really gives them the urge to give a shot in this price range. So for a phone priced at US $785, what is Xiaomi offering here? According to what the company unveiled in their forums just a few minutes ago, the Xiaomi Mi MiX 2 comes with a 6-inch 18:9 display powered by a Snapdragon 835 along with 6/8GB of RAM. Storage options also come in three flavors as the phone comes in three storage options, 64GB/128GB/256GB. Alongside the spec sheet, Xiaomi also specified that the phone comes with 7-series aluminum, an excellent step forward since the Mi5, along with a ceramic body. Some more tweaks include a much more ergonomic feel to the phone by carving off critical corners giving the phone an excellent feel in the hand. The phone would also come in a Special Edition variant that pushes the amount of RAM even further doubling the amount of RAM the S8 has at 8GB. now whether users would actually take advantage of that seems skeptical for now, but it is extra RAM for a fact, is it.

Xiaomi Finally Unveils Their Jaw-Dropping Mi MiX 2 7
Regarding the camera sensors, there’s quite a bit to buzz about over here. With the original Mi MiX being well-received by a lot of reviewers, the Mi MiX received a bit of criticism due to its cameras. However, with the Mi MiX 2, Xiaomi specifically mentioned that the Mi MiX 2 would come with flagship-level camera sensors thanks to the Sony 12MP IMX386 sensor. Here’s a few shots taken by the Mi MiX 2 that Xiaomi has published.

Taking a look at where Xiaomi trimmed the phone even further reveals that Xiaomi has decreased the chin size of the Mi MiX 2 by 12% compared to the original Mi MiX. Other than that, Xiaomi’s ergonomic shifts in design would make it an excellent smartphone to hold, especially with the slightly smaller display at just 5.99-inches.

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Priced at $785 and making sure that the Xiaomi Mi MiX 2 supports as many 4G LTE bands simply shows how keen Xiaomi is, to expand into the international market, especially with their recent expansion into Europe and other countries. Bearing in mind that the Xiaomi Mi5 is going for less than $200 unlocked brand new and with the existence of Xiaomi’s Mi6 wandering around winning hearts for just $299, the Xiaomi Mi MiX 2 is just for those who are enthusiastic enough to pay for it. Indeed an excellent follow up by Xiaomi.


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