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The Xiaomi Mi MiX 2 Shows Off The Snapdragon 836 Running On Android 8.0 Oreo

Xiaomi is about to reveal the Mi MiX 2. Leaked pictures all over the internet have been building up the hype for Xiaomi’s next smartphone. Xiaomi has confirmed that they would reveal the successor to the original Mi MiX on the 11th of September.


According to recent leaks the Xiaomi Mi MiX 2 would pack a Snapdragon 836 processor and a 6.3-inch display running on the Google’s latest iteration of Android, Android 8.0 Oreo. Alongside that, the leaked pictures also reveal that the phone will come in a 256GB variant that would most probably pack 6GB RAM or above. Such beastly specifications at affordable prices have allowed Xiaomi to gain it’s presence. However, with these specifications in mind and being one of the original trend-setters, the Xiaomi Mi MiX 2 better have something unique and exciting to catch everyone’s attention again. Especially with LG and Samsung around.

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As far as we could speculate about the pricing of the Mi MiX 2, the Mi MiX 2 should be priced below $599 if we have a look at Xiaomi’s current competition around it. Especially with big smartphones coming over as 2017 comes to an end, Xiaomi really has to set itself apart yet again. Personally, I have my eyes peeled for the next Google Pixel and on the Xiaomi Mi MiX 2. Here’s a mockup of the Mi MiX 2 found on Weibo, who knows all of this could be true.


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