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Xiaomi’s $230 Mi A1 Could Be The Ultimate Mid-Range Killer

Xiaomi has always been active at disrupting the flagship market with their prices. With Xiaomi first making their huge disruption with their Redmi Note series back in 2013, the company has since then faced some strong competition from other companies.

Google has been very active in the Indian market with their Android One series of smartphones where Google basically takes on budget devices with their latest iteration of Android. The Xiaomi Mi A1, is absolutely a killer in my opinion. Being a Xiaomi Mi 5 user right now, the Xiaomi Mi A1 really excites me because of their partnership with Google that would allow super fast OS updates directly from Google slapped on with the stock feel of Android the way how it should be.

Xiaomi's $230 Mi A1 Could Be The Ultimate Mid-Range Killer 6

Taking a look at the specifications on the Xiaomi Mi A1, the Xiaomi Mi A1 is similar to the Mi 5X thanks to its dual-camera setup to which Xiaomi compares it directly to Apple’s iPhone. Under the hood, the Xiaomi Mi A1 is powered by a Snapdragon 625 SoC along with 4GB RAM paired with 64GB of internal storage.

Xiaomi's $230 Mi A1 Could Be The Ultimate Mid-Range Killer 7

The Xiaomi Mi A1 is set to release on the 12th of September this year. The Xiaomi Mi A1 would definitely make its way to Malaysia, although there’s no telling if the $230 may remain true for Malaysians here. Basically the Mi A1 is Google’s take on the Mi 5X. Indeed an amazing partnership between Xiaomi and Google.

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