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Samsung Galaxy S9 Tipster Suggests That The S9 Back Would Be Redone

Oh boy, what's next? A fingerprint sensor on the front?

Samsung is starting to feel the hype from consumers around the world. With the South Korean Android giant impressing the whole world with its amazing Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 smartphones, the company is preparing a sequel for the S8, most probably being dubbed as the S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Logo Leaked
Rumors suggest that this would be the S9’s logo

Last week, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ logos made it onto the internet rejuvenating the hype for Samsung’s next greatest smartphone. With Samsung learning their lessons well since the Samsung Galaxy S5, the company’s radical shift towards taking consumer feedback has become one of the core mindsets at Samsung. Recently, the same tipster suggested some intriguing news. The tipster claims that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would have a completely new back. Considering that Samsung has opted for glass backs since the Samsung Galaxy S6 era, it seems like Samsung moving away from their glass backs is pretty unlikely if its about materials. One thing that I could see Samsung doing is to shift the fingerprint sensor around that device. If, by then Samsung catches upto fan concepts, Samsung should opt-in for a fingerprint scanner embedded within the display itself.

What’s worth mentioning is that the infamous tipster has done some credible leaks in the past over at a Chinese forum called Weibo, so this isn’t something that was pulled out of the Saharas

The tipster who leaked the S9 logo tweeted:

The back of the Galaxy S9 will change a lot – IceUniverse

While this is something that Vivo and Qualcomm has done earlier this year, there’s no telling what major changes Samsung would actually be bringing to the table once the final version of the phone debuts next year.

If its about color, I could absolutely see Samsung adding some tacky colors to their S9 lineup of smartphones as Chinese brands are going an excellent job building beautiful devices. Samsung has always opted-in for subtle dull colors that do look excellent with a certain audience. However, I do not think that Samsung would mind adding another color or two to the S9. Afterall, we’ve seen Samsung experimenting colors with the S8 in Rose Pink.

If this is really the case, I want to see a dramatic shift some Samsung even though Samsung’s existing design language looks beautiful, even today.

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