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God Of War Gets A PGW Combat Trailer Prior To Its 2018 Release

Sony has been planning some excellent things ahead of time. The company has shifted its focus over towards providing players with excellent first-party exclusives. With Sony losing to the Xbox One X in terms of shear power on paper, Sony’s drastic shift to 4k HDR along with excellent first-party titles aren’t something you shouldn’t be overlooking.

With Sony attending the Paris Games Week over in France, the company has released a slew of trailers for existing titles, as well as teaser trailers of what’s about to come ahead. With Sony fans eager to play with Kratos in God Of War, the hype for Sony’s first-party title in heightening. Here’s the trailer for the 2018 title that fans should be eager and and aware of.

God Of War is set to release within 2018 with an unconfirmed release time frame. Being a first-party title from Sony, we could absolutely expect some eyecandy for PlayStation 4 Pro owners.

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