GT Sport Sales Hit 150K Within 72 Hours

Oh boy do we have some hotcakes here

GT Sport is without a doubt Sony’s core titles to promote their lineup of systems. Their lineup of PlayStation 4 consoles along with support for VR makes Sony’s appeal for VR all that much more enticing.

GT Sport made its way on the 19th of October in Japan where the game saw some amazing success within 72 hours of its launch. As Media-Crate reports, the title sold over 150,000 units within three days in Japan alone which is worthy of a praise. Considering that this is a crucial title for Sony’s success with the Xbox around, it seems like they have finally nailed it as the game has completely trumped every other game sold in Japan.

Here’s the top-five selling titles in Japan as reported by Media-Crate.

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1 PS4 Gran Turismo SPORT RCE SIE 171019 ¥ 7,452 150, 286
171019 ¥ 8,856 48,935
3 PS4 Psycho Break 2 ADV Bethesda Softworks 171019 ¥ 8,618 42, 941
4 PS4 Street
Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy
TBL square Enix 171019 8,424 yen 42,092
5 Vita Uta no Prince-sama
Amazing Aria & Sweet Serenade LOVE
(Limited Edition included)
ADV broccoli 171019 ¥ 6,804 19, 904

This is indeed some amazing news for Sony and we’re looking forward to see how well the title sells in North American regions.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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