Nintendo has been taking the Nintendo Switch in an interesting direction. With the console enjoying massive success since its launch earlier this year, there’s no signs of the console sales slowing down.

According to M-Create, a Japanese retail sales tracker, there has been some interesting shifts in Japan over the past week bringing in some unexpected changes. A report published by the Japanese tracker listed the sales for September 25 – October 1, 2017 which includes a host of new titles coming onto the PlayStation 4 allowing the PlayStation 4 take the software sales cake this week. This week’s radical shift for from Sony’s team came from a Japanese title called The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III that sold a ton. WIth its sales numbers hitting the 80k barrier since its launch on the 29th of September 2017. Following the success of the Japanese title, FIFA 18 took second place in Japan with almost 56K units being sold within the same period.

While the red team, saw an excellent boost in console sales with the Nintendo Switch selling over 73K consoles over the week followed by PlayStation 4’s 22k units. That’s almost double the amount of units sold compared to the week before that. These are some massive wins from both sides. However, surprisingly enough, Switch console sales don’t seem to be boosting from title launches this week as Splatoon 2 and Pokken Tournament DX take 4th and 5th places, respectively. Here’s some sales figures.

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (PS4) – 87,261
  • FIFA 18 (PS4) – 55,919
  • Fire Emblem (Switch) – 41,491
  • Splatoon 2 (Switch) – 29,704
  • Pokken Tournament DX (Switch) – 23,543

For the console side of things, here’s the hardware sales

  • Switch – 73,231
  • PS4 – 22,822
  • New 3DS – 9,915
  • New 2DS – 8,359
  • PS4 Pro – 6,547
  • Vita – 3,732
  • 2DS – 1,655
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