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Nintendo Has Shipped 7.63M Switch Consoles To Date

And 27.5M Software Sales In Total Globally

Nintendo is simply enjoying massive success. With the console being overlooked at first in early 2017, the console finally met the expectations of enthusiasts thanks to Nintendo’s excellent strategies and core ideas. The huge success of the Nintendo Switch has brought Nintendo back into the competition as the Japanese company has sold over 7.63M Switch consoles along with approximately 27.5M copies in software sales. The company has reported a total profit of 51,503M ¥ / US $452.9M along with an operating income of ¥39,961M that takes Nintendo’s YoY increase to a whopping 173.4%. Some impressive numbers indeed. Source

With Nintendo completely out of the graphics race, Nintendo’s mindset has drastically shifted the mindset of many players showing players the importance of excellent, yet engaging titles over earth-shattering graphics. Taking the top-5 selling titles on the Switch into account, the console has driven 15.45M copies to the shelves to Nintendo Switch owners. The top 5 selling titles on the Nintendo Switch include The Legend Of Zelda:BOTW, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, 1-2-Switch and ARMS, that sold 4.7M, 4.42M, 3.61M, 1.37M, 1.35M copies respectively. This is indeed an outstanding report showcasing the potential of Nintendo’s console on a global scale.

Not only has the Nintendo Switch proven to be a huge in Japan, but the console has sold over 2M units in the US as well, which simply shows how much Nintendo has put into the commitments of their console. Nintendo is forecasting the Nintendo Switch to sell upto 14M units over the next year considering the huge success they’ve enjoyed in 2017.

With the next few months marking the end of the 2017, I can’t wait to hear more from Nintendo has they enter into 2018 with a who new usher of titles and excitement. Without the doubt, Nintendo has released some excellent numbers for a year, and I’m sure they’re loving it.

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