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Nokia 9 Image Leak Showcases A Curved Glass Design With Minimized Bezels

Nokia is back at it again as it runs wild in the rumor mill carrying the leaks of an ultra-hyped flagship smartphone of the year, the Nokia 9. While there have been a lot of Nokia smartphones released over the course of time, it’s final handset remains to be seen. Moreover, the Nokia 9 could be the company’s ultra flagship which it will brag about in the coming months. Previously, we have seen the Nokia 8, that carried the design aesthetics from all the way back to Nokia 5. This time, Nokia seems to have adopted a different approach with Nokia 9. The design, even though looks familiar, is different in a lot of different ways. As suggested by a new leaked image, the bezels of the device have been greatly reduced. Moreover, it seems like the company is also starting to step into the curved screen bandwagon that Samsung has bragged about in the recent years. So let’s see some more details on it.

Nokia 9 To Ship With Reduced Bezels And A Curved Display From Sides

The leaked images of the Nokia 9 have come across through Baida that showcases quite a handful of differences from the Nokia 8. As to begin with, the company has reduced its bezels at the top and the bottom of the smartphone. However, the extent to which the company has done this is not as much as its competition. For instance, the Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung has minimized bezels to a greater extent. The iPhone X on the other hand, which is set to be launched in November, has only kept the notch at the top that houses all the sensors as well as the front-facing camera.

Nokia 9 Image Leak Showcases A Curved Glass Design With Minimized Bezels 2

However, Nokia has managed to reduced its bezel size in competition with its own smartphones like Nokia 8. Apart from this, the smartphone is said to come with curved sides. At this point in time, it has not been confirmed if the smartphone will come with certain functionality associated with the curved glass, as you would find in the Galaxy S8, S8+ or the Galaxy Note 8. So be advised to take the news with a pinch of salt.

The device at the rear sports a dual-lens camera setup but the type of lens incorporated needs to be confirmed at this stage. In terms of what’s powering the device is a Snapdragon 835 coupled with a hefty 6GB of RAM, ensuring ample power for users. We can conclude that a flagship device will ship with a similar flagship price tag, so be ready for that if you’re interested in getting the Nokia 9.

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