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Nvidia Demonstrates The Power Of Ansel With The Shadow Of War

With the debut of Nvidia’s 10-series of GPUs came the announcement of Ansel. A powerful technology from Nvidia that takes screenshots to the next level. Nvidia’s Ansel technology allows users take screenshots in-game at amazing levels of details and customization.

With the launch of Middle Earth:Shadow Of War, Nvidia has taken the chance to show off the full potential of their Ansel technology. Not only can you capture of amazing screenshots but could also change the angle of the shot freezing everything in the game. One of the key features from Ansel’s captures is the ability to change the depth of field, brightness, camera angle and a ton more. As usual with the help of Nvidia’s YouTube channel, Nvidia has shown off the potential of their Ansel technology at its fullest.


With Nvidia taking almost every chance to show off their GPU capabilities, Nvidia’s Ansel technology is nothing but amazing. As users continue to hop aboard onto the game, can’t wait to see how many users actually take advantage of this technology as we head into the future.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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