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Microsoft Releases Their Final Xbox One X Commercial

Microsoft announced that they would be showing off an important commerical on the 22nd of October. Just a few hours ago, the promised commerical was set off wild on Xbox’s YouTube channel.

So far, the official commercial has been well received by the gaming community as players continuously tweet to Microsoft about the Xbox One X’s commercial turning out to be quite delightful.

While it is just a commerical, this is what Microsoft would use as their official commercial across many media outlets and platforms. In this final commercial, Microsoft made sure that they nailed down all of the important features and qualities of the Xbox One X along with the experience players would enjoy with the Xbox One X. I still would have loved to see Microsoft trying to implement VR on the Xbox One X as it is more than powerful enough to run VR applications.

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One X would be hitting your local stores by the 7th of October 2017 and would enjoy the existing large library of Xbox One titles in 4k. Let’s just hope Microsoft’s “Feel True Power” slogan differentiates itself well against the PlayStation 4 Pro as Sony’s implementation of 4k HDR gaming, while not native, should not be underestimated.

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