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The OnePlus 5T Is Coming To India Soon, Leak Suggests

I Guess Calling It 6 Would Have Been Harsh

OnePlus has gained a ton of traction over the years since the release of their first flagship. With the OnePlus One, OnePlus made it clear that they’re dedication of providing a no-compromise smartphone for a fraction of the competition’s price is possible. The company has gone as far as becoming the number one most trusted premium smartphone brand in India, a country where Chinese smartphone manufacturers reign over Samsung and Apple’s wrath.

OnePlus 5T Leak Amazon Pre-Order
Credits | GizChina.IT

According to a recent leak that made its way to Slashleaks via GizChina, the OnePlus 5T seems to be coming soon. 2017 has been a harsh year for smartphone manufactures. With the bezel-less trend picking up the pace, it set to become an industry standard, and the OnePlus 5T seems to be no exception to that rule. Considering that we haven’t seen a successor to the Snapdragon 835 yet, we could probably be assured that the OnePlus 5 is going to come with similar hardware as its predecessor, the OnePlus 5.

Being an Amazon exclusive device yet again, OnePlus would first launch the device in India and then announce the shipping dates for other countries. With OnePlus’s major expansions into other parts of the world, the appeal for OnePlus’s “Flagship-Killer” lineup seems to be growing. While the OnePlus 5 did show us their sway of pricing when they announced the OnePlus 5, it seems like the company would not intend to increase their pricing above $499.

Personally, I would have loved it if OnePlus saved the OnePlus 5T for longer and would have sold it as the OnePlus 6 in the future. Afterall, the reason why the 3T arrived onto the scene and then being succeeded by the OnePlus 5 clearly meant that they want to skip “4”, which means “to die” in certain regions. However, with the OnePlus 5T adding a ‘T’, I’ll scratch my head longer. Well played, OnePlus…

Oh, as an ending note, 32GB RAM please OnePlus……

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