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OnePlus Caught Mining Data From Its Users

OnePlus has gained tremendous success over the years. With the Chinese company debuting and launching their 6th smartphone, the OnePlus 5 into their lineup, the company has had its fair share of naughty acts. From XDA revealing their benchmark inflations to now a Cybersecurity developer exposing OnePlus’s data-collection strategies.

Cybersecurity Developer, Christopher Moore took it to Twitter to express his aggression by tagging @OnePlus_Support into the mix. On Twitter, Christopher Moore tweeted:

Hey , it’s none of your business when I turn my screen on/off or unlock my phone – how do I turn this off? /cc:@troyhunt – Said Christopher Moore via Twitter

OnePlus Caught Mining Data From Its Users 1

OnePlus basically was caught red-handed collecting data from its users. OnePlus has full access to the smartphones IMEI number, phone numbers, serial numbers, when the user turned their screen on or off and also had access to when they opened or closed an app on their devices. All of these credentials could possibly pin-point some users to where it seems deceptive of OnePlus making such a decision. However, some users also noted that it is a part of OnePlus’s policy to actually collect data from its smartphone users and share it with 3rd-party .

Despite all of these issues, it seems like OnePlus has been caught red-handed, whether you like it or not, it seems like OnePlus made some of its profits this way around.


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