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What’s New In The New Dust 2 Map? New Boost Spots, Graphics, Sound and Models

The new Dust 2 map has made its way into the Beta and is available to play offline with. With a smile on our face, we immediate jumped into the the beta to find out what’s new. And there’s a ton we could appreciate about with the latest update. So here’s what’s new and what we found in the new Dust 2 map.

What's New In The New Dust 2 Map? New Boost Spots, Graphics, Sound and Models 6

Since Dust 2 is one of Counter-Strike’s classic maps, Valve went with the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” strategy where almost all of the elements from the old Dust 2 are intact. With the new update, players would finally find themselves in a developing Middle Eastern city/town compared to the old desert-like dust environment. The new Dust 2 map sheds a ton of light across the map and is the first time we’ve seen light making its way into upper tunnels. Boxes, common camping areas and sneaky spots have also been kept intact with the latest update. On top of that, the sounds of the maps have also taken a light hit with sounds of airplanes being heard at Bombsite B at times. Additionally, every surface on the map has its own unique sound that really adds up to the experience making this an excellent touch up by Valve. Here’s a few screenshots taken inside of the new Dust 2 map. After these screenshots, below we’ve added some more details about the new character models.

To give you guys a full feel of the map, we’ve added a video down below giving you a walkthrough of the map itself. Do notice the sounds around the map. Now while we did increase our FOV in the screenshots in the video, unfortunately, players wont be able to do this online in normal matchmaking.

Regarding the new T-side models, Valve has given them a revamp too. They now have a cartoonish look to them that still looks good. Here’s the new models.

What's New In The New Dust 2 Map? New Boost Spots, Graphics, Sound and Models 27

These new models look amazing to be honest. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love the model revamps with this update.

There’s a ton of boosts around the map, however, a lot of them are blocked despite using “noclip”. This is really quite unfortunate for a ton of users. I would really love to see a few boosts available on the maps. It seems like they should be updating the map soon as that is the sole reason for them to add the map into the beta. Indeed these are some excellent changes around the map.


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