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Wolfenstein 2 Looks Incredible

Oh Boy, Time For Some Amazing Visuals

It seems like everyday someone is trying to trump someone, and hey, if its about competition, that’s what’s best for everyone. Recently, Wolfenstein 2 has made its way to the latest generation of consoles and PC. With the title being very well-known for its juicy visuals, the game hasn’t fallen short even in the slightest bit since DOOM. The guys over at id Software sure know how to impress. And with Microsoft and Sony bumping their resolutions to new heights with their respective beastly consoles, it was a no-brainer to flip the switch and show off how they could harness the shear power in these new consoles.

As Digital Foundry usually does, the folks over at Digital Foundry have done an excellent analysis of the title for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro where the PlayStation 4 Pro is seen killing it by running the title at a native 2560 x 1440 pixel count while the original Xbox One runs the title at a miserable 810p. With the Xbox One X hitting stores worldwide early next month, Microsoft’s engineering and enthusiasm would be tested if Microsoft was able to deliver an excellent console that even excels Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro.

There’s a number of excellent effects thrown into the game where the game produces excellent textures, bokeh, camera movement, immersion and most importantly, an engaging story-line. Framerates are also acceptable on all of these consoles. However, this time around, PC gamers would get the option to enable dynamic resolution that would allow PC gamers to run the game at a smooth 60FPS while dynamically adjusting the pixel count in order to keep the fluidity of the title.

So far, one of the biggest challenges developers face while developing titles for the PC are to make sure that the title is well-optimized, and if Bethesda and id Software nail it this time around, they seems to have an amazing title on their hands that’s destined to lure in an enthusiastic group of players.

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